Here's an idea for Facebook. Get rid of subject lines in messages. They almost never have any content in them other than "Hi". Nobody ever changes subject lines in threads, because it seems like you're trying too hard, so they're usually unrelated to recent conversation. And it makes it seem like when you're writing to someone, you have to have something to say that can be summarized. But often what people want to say is just one sentence, "Hey, nice to see you last night at the club" or something. There's no short version of that. Getting rid of the Subject: field would lead to a lot more messages since it makes it so much easier.

Typical subject lines contribute nothing:

But two lines of body would have been the whole message.

One of Twitter's virtue's is not requiring a subject line. Even better, it doesn't require a concluding paragraph with a call to action like blog posts are supposed to have.
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I concur wholeheartedly with this sentiment. +1 on removing informationless subject lines for Facebook.
I agree 100% I have never made mine more then hey or whats up. I have never really received one thats said more then that either.
Subject: Facebook is a more personal platform that ...

Body: Facebook is a more personal platform that leads way to more personal messages. Due to the size of the text field the message implies something a little shorter and more casual then email. I used to end my messages with a signature but felt the platform was too informal for it. It's a great medium for exchanged links with friends and quick facebook centralized messages. The platform is too informal for anything professional and therefor doesn't need a subject line beyond a text sample and ellipses.

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