Ryno Test Drive

Chris Hoffmann came by to give me a demo of his Ryno cycle prototype. It was the easiest, stablest one-wheel thing I've ridden. I took it over a few bumps and it never wobbled. I was impressed. The video is me after about 2 minutes of practice.

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As I recall, you're skilled at riding a unicycle, from your previous efforts at building a self-balancing one. Would somebody without that experience find the Ryno easy to ride?
@saccadecom I don't think unicycling skills help. It feels most like riding a bicycle.
Hi Trevor,

I just caught a link to your wiki page, while looking for some robotics resources.

I don't know if you'd remember, but we went to elementary school together. (You did say you couldn't recall the color of the telephone cord in your 6th grade classroom. I don't want to set the bar too high.) However, i do remember one of your first robots, with an articulated hand and a big rubber boot on the front caster wheel....

Hey, thanks for noting that power supply from Tri-M in your bog - I've had only medium luck with building conventional power circuitry onto my boards.

Coincidentally, I also rode a unicycle for a while. Hmm. Might have been you who turned me on to it. I also can't recall the color of that phone cord...

I'm pleased to see your eminently notable success with AnyBots, and I applaud your philosophy with Y Combinator. Good stuff, dude.

So, how are things?
- Don

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