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How about megaherz-range oscilloscope dongle & app for iPhone. That would be something. At least you could zap two devices at once.
Damn kids, get off my lawn with your wee's and your myPhones!
My current scope that I use in my hobbies is a 4MHz tube scope from the '50s with flaky probes. Where's this dumpster?
@f0calpoint: Oops. The dumpster behind Anybots. 320 Pioneer Way in Mountain View.
Whyyyyyyy don't I live in California! I'd inquire whether you'd let me pay for shipping to Seattle, but that has the downside of invalidating the last line on your comic.
Maybe you could ship it off to a hopeful highschool student wanting to be an electrical engineer (me) :)
So 2/23/2010 is a significant date for somebodies electronics career ( Yeey my first oscilloscope!) , what a nice thing to do!

I wounder what things will come out of the "transfer of hardware" aka dumpster diving, or in this case near dumpster diving, this time?

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