Four Track Recorder

What I like about iPhone apps is that they answer simple needs simply. When you find yourself saying "I just want something that does X" you're far more likely to find an iPhone app to make you happy than a desktop app.

 I play guitar and sing, and it helps to record myself so I can hear my mistakes. So I just want an app that lets me:

   - record myself quickly and play it back
  - record guitar and voice separately, so I can concentrate on one at a time.

 I have been using Garage Band with a Tascam USB audio interface. Although it's simpler than most studio packages, it's still heavyweight. Specifically:

   - it takes 10+ seconds to start.
  - starting a new recording is quite a process, and error-prone.
  - everything else on my Mac runs slower when it's the app is running, and the fan cycles on.
  - When I plug or unplug the interface, I get a popup I have to click on.
  - At least twice, it has crashed my laptop when I unplugged it.
  - I'm usually playing from chords on a web site, so I have to tab back and forth between Garage Band and the browser.

 The Four Track recorder for the iPhone does exactly what I need. It records, rewinds and plays instantly with one hand. I can record 4 parts separately, and adjust levels easily. If a recording turns out well, it's not too hard to download. The iPhone has CD quality audio inputs, and it even sounds OK with the built in microphone, but this weekend I'm going to make a cable from the XLR jack of my good condenser mic to the 3 mm iPhone jack.