We've been demoing QA for 3 straight days now with great results. There's a crowd around our booth all the time and we've learned a lot about different potential applications.

 There's a huge range of press at CES, ranging from thoughtful journalism (there'll be a long segment on CBS Sunday Morning) to the utterly frivolous (the Dancing Blogger Girls, I think they were called.) I try to qualify TV interviews somewhat, since they keep us from talking to customers for 20 minutes or so, but since I don't actually watch TV I don't know which shows I'm supposed to have heard of.

 I'm getting sales requests coming in. The plan is ship beta units to lead customers in the late summer, but we haven't exactly firmed up terms for retail sales. So I'll have to formulate an answer to questions like, "Are there any finance options?" or "Will there be discounts for orders of 100 or more?"

 In related news, Anybots is hiring a VP of sales.

 Some good articles are here:
Get Robo (a preview from our lab)
Popular Mechanics (live from the show floor)
Gizmo Watch (representative blog coverage.)

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